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A well-designed website that prioritized effortless fluidity, intuitive ease-of-use and beautiful aesthetics is the key to unlocking the potential of your brand and your business.

It’s that simple.

At Phoenix, there’s nothing more important to us than crisp website design that makes accessing your products and services as easy as possible for your customers. From SEO optimization to responsiveness, and from function to graphic design, our team of designers is at your disposal to help turn your vision for your online presence into a reality, all the while incorporating your brand and your image in everything we design.

website design in vancouver

Since web design is such a key part of a business’ online presence, we work hard to get your website looking and feeling exactly how you want it to.

To that end, when you choose Phoenix for your web design projects, you’re not just choosing a team of skilled and experienced web designers – you’re choosing a business partner that’s invested 100% in the success of your ideas. We’ll work closely with you at every step of the design journey, implementing your feedback in everything we do and helping to realize your ambitions for your online offering.

We’ll design effortless, intuitive and attractive custom WordPress websites, rigorously tested and refined to capture your customers’ imaginations. Our talented designers will create graphic designs from scratch, tailored to fit in perfectly with your brand voice. Once your new website is up and running, we’ll complement the work with a full suite of digital marketing services to help you make the most out of your online presence. It’s all part of what we do.

Our VANCOUVER webSITE design services

custom wordpress websites

WordPress is the world’s biggest platform for building attractive websites that maximize profits while minimizing expenditure. We’re the WordPress experts, with the experience and creativity to get the most out of the platform, built on custom designs that can make all the difference.

graphic design

Functionality is a major part of every website, but it’s nothing without attractive and eye-catching design that beguiles and enchants your internet visitors. We design scroll stopping websites using 100% original graphics that will help you, your business and everything you do stand out online.

website optimization

Every website we design is run through rigorous testing and research, using the most advanced tools in web design to improve functionality, responsiveness and SEO optimization. We keep up-to-date with all modern innovations in the web design field and we’re constantly improving the way we work to give you more.

Elements, Architecture & Layout

Focusing on your core business goals. We begin by thinking conceptually and strategically rather than just visually.

Content, SEO, & Navigation

The value of each element is determined by its ability to deliver quality to your audience and revenue to your business.

Graphic Designs, Colors, & CSS

Graphics and color increases brand recognition, highlights important website elements and influences how people feel about your website.

Launching, Analyzing, & Revising

The internal review is complete and the site is ready to go live. Upon launch, a thorough review of the analytics will give you the public’s opinion of the design.

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