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Used by the biggest players in the biggest industries in the world, PPC in Vancouver is a tried and tested digital marketing strategy that helps businesses across the country reach their internet advertising potential.

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising model where your company’s adverts are published by search engines and other agents, and for every person that clicks on that advert to get to your services or products, you pay an amount of money to the search engine. With careful management and industry know-how, your Vancouver PPC operations can get you and your business major exposure that doesn’t break the bank – but you’ll need to know what you’re doing.

That’s what we can help with.


We’ve built our PPC team with expertise and talent, bringing together some of the best strategists and analysts in Canada to allow us to offer a comprehensive range of PPC services that tick all the right boxes and produce all the right returns-on-investment.

But it’s about more than just who we are. It’s about how we work.
We believe in creating trusted, transparent and collaborative PPC partnerships above all else. We join our clients on their PPC journeys, developing strategies using their input and industry expertise, and involving them in every decision we make. It’s how we’ve always worked and we think it sets us apart from just about everyone else.

Our Vancouver pay per click Services

For industry-standard PPC planning and execution, take a look at the services we offer below:

Knowing is half the battle, and we’ll undertake in-depth analysis into what PPC plan is best for you.


Developing a strategy right from the word go is essential for making the most of every cent you spend on PPC. We’ve got some of the best strategists in the business in our PPC team.


We’ll create a comprehensive campaign, using our digital marketing knowledge and your industry insights to roll out actionable steps and processes.


Our maintenance service will keep your PPC optimised to maximise your return on investment levels, monitoring spending, implementing testing and providing reports as we go.




Our content team will create compelling ad designs and landing page copy that’ll boost your clicks and tell your brand’s story.



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