WEBSITE Analytics IN VANCOUVER that tell a story

In today’s digital landscape, analytics and data are everything.

Understanding the performance levels of your marketing strategies can help inform every decision you make, ensuring that every move you take is one that gets results and generates leads that matter. As a business, having access to the performance data of your marketing plans helps you learn more about your customers, your industry and the business environment you find yourself in.

To put it in plain words, an educated enterprise is one which is already leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. At Phoenix, we’ve developed a team of analysts and statistics experts who know how to structure the data your marketing provides to identify patterns and trends that can change how you work for the better.

Understand more about yourself and how you work with Phoenix analytics and data.

Data and analysis with Phoenix 

At Phoenix, when we carry out data reviews and analysis with your business, we want to get under the skin of what you and your business represent and what your idea of success looks like. We want to become your partners in your marketing strategies, sharing with you our findings at every point of our partnership.

We go beyond other agencies, providing concise breakdowns of what your website analytics means to your business. Our work sees us prioritize urgent updates and recommendations based on real time data streams, and with that covered, we also do everything we can to ensure transparency in our research. You are our priority, and every piece of data we unearth forms part of the strategies we recommend for you and your company.

Our data and analysis services

Our data and analysis is top-notch, structured by the following services:
Customized reports

After examining your website analytics in Vancouver, we’ll compile regular customized reports for your business and your operations. Making sure that we are effectively running through them with you to help you understand how to implement them in your day-to-day processes.

Regular updates

We’ll keep you up to date with every piece of analysis we undertake, presenting them in a straightforward and concise format that gives you everything you need to know about how your marketing strategies are performing.

Structured transparency call

We put a major focus on transparency when it comes to sharing data and insights about your business. To that end, we’ll organise regular video calls with you to ensure you’re kept in the loop with everything we uncover.

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