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Skip the guesswork, trial and error, and never-ending agony of trying to figure things out yourself, for the very first time. 

Instead, use established client acquisition funnels, frameworks, and scientific consumer acquisition to expand your organisation (not hopes and prayers).

Website Design

Our team of designers can help you transform your idea for your online presence into reality, from SEO optimization to responsiveness, and from function to graphic design, all while incorporating your brand and image into everything we develop.


You want your website at the top of search engine results, and we can make that happen. We provide a full range of white-hat search engine optimization (SEO) services to our clients, including custom-tailored campaigns. This keeps you at the front of the online pack at all times.

Google Ads

We've developed our PPC team from the ground up, bringing together some of Canada's greatest strategists and analysts to provide a full variety of PPC services that check all the boxes and provide all the consistent returns on investment.

Facebook Ads

Every month, more than 3 billion users log on to social media! Don't lose out on this big pool of 'ready-to-buy' customers that spend like sailors on holiday!

Social Media

With everything from innovative and creative campaigns to full-service social media management, we can help you take your business to the next level. Working closely with you will provide us with the necessary information to assist you in delivering your message in the most effective manner possible.

E-Mail Marketing

We've got everything you need to succeed with your email marketing campaigns, combining marketing knowledge with an in-depth grasp of successful email marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

You know you're on the right track when your website visitors are ready to buy your items or services as soon as they arrive on your website.


Purchasing a package of services from any digital marketing business is no longer sufficient to achieve the best possible results. You must work with a firm that operates as your in-house agency, aligning themselves with your objectives and assisting you in achieving your intended outcomes for years to come. We provide an all-in-one solution that will be implemented as needed to meet your growth targets.

Growing a business is hard.

We make it a whole lot easier, quicker, and more fun.

Choosing an agency to help your business with digital marketing should be a seamless process that does not take time away from doing what you do best, running your business. 


We aim to create modern day solutions for the modern day business by being your digital marketing partner, whether you are just creating or refining your online presence, we are here to help.

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    Carolyn BakerCarolyn Baker
    07:49 06 May 22
    My practice's website was redesigned by Phoenix Digital Marketing, and they are now in charge of our SEO and ads online. Since coming online last month, we've already seen an increase in web-sourced referrals, therefore I have nothing but admiration for their service and team))
    Marianne Evans EdwardsMarianne Evans Edwards
    06:13 30 Apr 22
    This team is fantastic! My cosmetic clinic has seen a huge increase in website traffic and brand discovery since we've partnered with Phoenix. They respond quickly and effectively – Night and day difference compared to my old marketing agency! I would highly suggest them if you're looking for help getting your business showcased online
    Carl LeungCarl Leung
    08:40 24 Apr 22
    BEST digital marketing company in Vancouver.I’ve never been very good with online marketing and needed a lot of help. I hired Phoenix to take over and navigate me through the specifics and I am very glad I did.They took over all of the marketing details and kept me informed each week with reports and calls about the progress.Very happy to have come across them - they definitely saved me from a big headache.
    Peter LPeter L
    08:33 18 Apr 22
    I’ve had a medical company since the 90’s with a very old website design we didnt touch for 10 years … let’s just say it needed a big revamp. Phoenix delivered an amazing site that was captivating and extremely modern. The final website design really showcases who we are as a business and I could not be happier with the final outcome.Working with this team was a dream, they were quick, efficient and made sure to incorporate our specialty to the website. I highly recommend them for anything related to design!
    Ryan YoungRyan Young
    10:46 12 Apr 22
    The Phoenix team helped us put up a professional-looking website, assisted our team with SEO and were always available to answer questions and resolve issues as they came.

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    Phoenix is proud to be selected as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Vancouver! 

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    Our strategy is fundamentally proactive. We have a vested interest in making sure that your website and marketing bring you business because only this will ensure a successful and long-term partnership. Without a capable, adaptable, and above all diligent team of experts, this cannot be accomplished.



    Our engagement with each client is built on a foundation of partnership. We strive to elevate you to the top by being open and direct in our communication.



    The importance of transparency cannot be overstated. Expectations, budgets, and reasonable timelines are discussed openly. While investing in digital marketing can be a long-term strategy, it is our responsibility to show you that you made the proper choice in where to increase your exposure.

    FREquently asked questions

    A GOOD digital marketing company will become intimately familiar with your company. They will choose the finest internet marketing platforms to invest in after analysing the traffic that your website receives. In order to make sure a client is maintaining the ideal balance between their marketing spend and the outcomes they’re obtaining, a digital marketing agency’s plan should include ongoing review.


    All of that is done by the Phoenix team, but unlike other agencies, we aren’t just concerned with keeping the ideal balance. We want to outperform your competition, convert website traffic into customers, and provide you with the highest return on investment.

    Are you genuinely committed to growing your business and dominating your market? We can work with you.


    Would you like to join a team of marketers, digital strategists, designers, and developers that will work with you to achieve your growth objectives and provide a ROI that will make you ecstatic? We can work with you.


    Do you know how important it is to invest $1 to make $5? We can work with you.

    Because there is no definitive answer, it’s like asking, “How long is a length of string?” The solution is based on YOUR company. Since no two businesses are alike, regardless of if they belong to the same industry, we approach each and every one differently.


    Let’s use that reasoning to compare the operations of your company with its main rival. Yes, you are targeting the same market and do provide a comparable good or service, but that is it.



    They designed their website in a different way than you did. It could predate or precede your website. In comparison to your site, they can have more or fewer backlinks and higher or worse conversion rates. 


    The lesson here is that we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we create personalised strategies for each of our customers in order to meet their unique requirements. We will stop at nothing to achieve our goal of catapulting their web presence into the stratosphere.

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